Event Request

This form is designed to help the Event Coordinator schedule church events. It is very detailed, however; it cannot be all encompassing. Good judgment is still required and there will be a section at the end to communicate any special instructions or questions. Before beginning checklist, ensure the event requested is allowed at AFPC (examples: b-day party for non-church member – NO, wedding for church member – YES).

Life, Amped, Hyphen, Men, Women
What leader is requesting the event?
What number can be used to reach you?

Please keep in mind that these ministries may or may not be available at appointed date and time. Event Director will contact ministry leaders and confirm with the leader that is requesting event. If ministry is not pre-scheduled for the event, they will not be available.

Will the church bus or van be needed? If so, please help to keep it clean and full of gas, afterwards. Speak with the Event Coordinator for more information.

Upload image that you'd like to be used for the Event Calendar and "Big Picture" Announcements. Needs to be in JPEG format. If no picture is available, please contact the Multimedia Team for help on designing one.

Use this section for any additional requests or information that the Event Coordinator can use, to further help your event.